"Keep up with the latest developments and
be curios about new technologies."


Why Design?

I was always fascinated by design and curious about new media technologies as well as facing new challenges. I think this is especially in the digital world a very important key to become a successful designer.

Former Employers


POSITION: Head of UX/UI Design
DEPARTMENT: Research & Development, Design
ON STAFF: 2019 - 2024

After working for nearly a decade for big automotive brands like Mercedes & Porsche I decided it was time for a completely new challenge. So in 2019 I started as Head of User Experience & Interface Design for a new startup company without even a brand name only known as a collaboration between Changan/NIO/Huawei at that time. Defining a new brand from scratch is no easy task. In just under 3 years we brought the first vehicle from a white sheet of paper to the road. This was the most aggressive product release schedule I worked on so far in my career.

2024 | AVATR 12 (Sedan)
2022 | AVATR 11 (SUV)


Porsche AG

POSITION: Specialist UX/UI Design
DEPARTMENT: Research & Development, Design
ON STAFF: 2015 - 2019

Early 2015 I started as a User Interface and Experience Specialist at the Porsche R&D Center (Weissach, Germany). A big part of my job is to envision future sports cars designed from the ground up to be fully electric vehicles. Since the revolution of smartphones and mobile devices it is also very crucial to integrate those in a safe and intuitive fashion to create a seamless connected car experience. Fast, convenient and intelligent – typically Porsche.

2019 | Porsche Taycan
2018 | Porsche Mission E - Cross Turismo
2015 | Porsche Mission E
Lead UX/UI Design



POSITION: Senior UI/UX Designer
DEPARTMENT: Research & Development, Design (MB Cars)
ON STAFF: 2011 - 2015

From 2011 till 2015 I worked for Mercedes-Benz in the UI/UX design department. Designing user interfaces for the automotive environment was my everyday challenge. So a strong collaboration and communication with application specialists, interaction psychologists, fellow design co-workers and managers was crucial. Aside from that I also visited secondary and tertiary suppliers to negotiate in difficult project situations achieving the best possible outcome.

2016 | E-Class
2014 | C-Class, as well as derivatives
2013 | S-Class

Experience & Worktools

Adobe Creative Cloud

The whole Adobe Suite builds the foundation of my entire creative career. Starting very early on with (former Macromedia) tools like Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks I expanded my knowledge to pretty much every single tool in this insanely great software suite. Whether it is Photoshop, Premiere or After Effects it is crucial for me to keep that knowledge up-to-date and infuse it with new extensions and technologies.

Maxon Cinema 4D

When it comes to three dimensional modelling my go-to solution is Maxons Cinema 4D suite. With its highly intuitive interface it offers a steep learning curve especially when 3D is not your only area of expertise. It fits nicely into my workflow using tools like Adobe After Effects in conjunction with C4D by leaving out the bulk of highly advanced and specialized 3D tools.

Maxwell Render

For more advanced and especially photorealistic rendering results I pick Next Limits Maxwell Renderer. As an unbiased render engine it produces the physically most accurate images while allowing to preview results using the sophisticated Maxwell Fire engine. Although the final image rendering process may take some time it compromises quite well by offering unique features like “Multilight”.

HDR Light Studio

Lighting a scene can be very difficult and extremely time consuming. In the past it took hours finding the right HDR image and tweaking it by placing “real light sources” in the 3d engine. HDR Light Studio completely got rid of this trial and error approach. With the help of those modern tools you are now able to basically draw on the HDR Image creating highlights and placing reflections in real-time.


A basic understanding of programming principles is essential for every designer in the digital world. It helps you to understand the complex process of creating a working user interface. I always thrived to not only produce image based concepts but to also create working prototypes or even final products. Therefore learning languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Action Script or even sophisticated Objective-C programming along with my projects was essential.

... and much more!

I never stopped exploring. The digital world is a fast paced environment constantly changing and adding new features, languages and tools. It takes a fair amount of dedication, personal interest and simply passion to keep up with the newest developments. But there is nothing more rewarding than finishing a project by using state of the art technology and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


Gold Coast, Australia

Study Abroad (2009)



Bremen, Germany

Bachelor of Arts (2007-2010)