26 Years of Design

Unfiltered everything I ever designed and worked on. See the early stages of my design career as well as the latest and greatest. Dive into a vast variety of different projects reaching all the way from web design, 3d modelling and programming to video production and book writing. Being creative has always been a crucial part of my life and I hope you enjoy browsing through my work so far.


Following the successful AVATR 11 SUV we introduced our second emotional intelligent companion. In a sporty sedan package we extended the digital experience with a full width pillar-to-pillar display extended by virtual rear view mirrors. The experience is enhanced by an ever present virtual AI that introduces a natural interaction between the user and the AVATR vehicle. We also expanded the exterior information display’s use cases for a better communication to the outside world.


Defining a new brand from scratch is no easy task. In just under 3 years we brought the first AVATR vehicle from a white sheet of paper to the road. This was the most aggressive product release schedule I worked on so far in my career. The end result was a modern interior approach with a large center display for the main user interaction. Bundled together with information-only displays for driving data as well as a custom tailored passenger experience. We also integrated a large exterior display for the first time.


Just two years after the successful reveal of the Porsche Mission E the vision concept was transferred into series production. With modern tools like Sketch and web-based technologies this also marked a transition away from the classic Adobe Photoshop based workflow. Just as sporty as the brand Porsche this project was finished in record time and customers can now enjoy an update-able future proof fully electric sports car.


Derived from the Mission E and the overall positive reactions comes the new concept "Cross Turismo". Reflecting the Porsche vision of pure electric mobility in the form of an all-electric sports car for an active lifestyle. A car for everyday adventures but with performance levels that are anything but mundane. It is also an overall more refined and closer-to-series production vision of the upcoming Porsche Taycan.


A responsive and mobile friendly experience was key when the company approached me. In just a few weeks the outdated and fixed website appearance was redesigned and transferred to a modern and future proof front- and backend that is easy to administrate. Part of the small project was also a logo refinement pitch.

My last project working for Mercedes-Benz was the all-new 2016 E-CLASS. We completely reengineered the dated S-CLASS UI logic based on a rotary input device. The final result was a modern touchpad compatible head unit system. It also features three customizable interface styles called Classic, Sport and Progressive.

A set of merchandise and wristbands for a small local festival.


Starting at Porsche AG in 2015 I was assigned as Lead User Interface Designer for the fully electric future sports car study "Mission E". Together with the highly motivated engineers we came up with a completely new User Experience for Porsche. Using state of the art technologies like face and eye-tracking, gesture control and holographic displays we implemented a new kind of interface. Fast, convenient and intelligent - typically Porsche.

This time I wanted to finish a complete CGI image using an HDRI dome and heavy retouch to fit the perspective and scenery of the background photo. Again the render program was Next Limits Maxwell Render and Photoshop for the post production. As car model I used the beautiful Porsche 918 Spyder (Hybrid).

After its original launch nearly ten years ago a little update was necessary on both the front- and backend side. Now the online shop is future proof again for the next years to come with new features like mobile device support, user management as well as a fully-fledged administration tool.


The idea behind the design of "CarKit" is in the same vein as HealthKit & HomeKit. A collection of APIs and an app to control and manage your personal vehicles - remotely. It features convenience settings as well as covering security issues. The app is designed to utilize smart functional layers introduced with iOS7 to show hierarchy and structure of the interaction possibilities.

Finally got some time to dust off my 3D rendering skills and started with a simple rendering of our new Mercedes-Benz "Vision GT" show car for the Gran Turismo franchise from Sony Entertainment. Nothing special but a good exercise to renew Maxwell Render techniques and Photoshop post production.

For the Moto 360 Design Face-Off contest from Motorola I decided to dig a little deeper and come up with a short story based around messaging and navigation. The “standby design” of the watch face is very simple and clean emphasizing the current time and date in digital. Everything is wrapped in an animated seconds counter around the edge of the display. This approach using very few active pixels positively adds to the overall battery life.

After finishing my custom Bonneville I was hooked. Quickly setting out to tackle another long-time favorite of mine - a Ducati Monster 1100S. The base theme for this bike was built around the superb Oehlins suspension still used in the 2009 series. An aggressive trim with interchangeable black and white tank covers and anodized gold parts where the results.

This is actually a placeholder CGI image for an app I currently work on. The Porsche Boxster GTS was rendered in Maxwell and heavily edited in Photoshop to train my retouching and post processing skills as well. Starting with a high resolution 8K render I quickly added details and lightning effects to bring out different body parts and highlight key areas of the cars unique shape.

For the C and V class release it was crucial to further refine the s-class experience to fit a smaller 8.4 inch screen. For the first time we introduced a touchpad in a Mercedes car and had to heavily optimize the user interface previously controlled by a physical rotary wheel. Other than our competitors we support touchpad control for the whole interface – not only handwriting input.

This time for my fifth personal portfolio update I switched from Flash to HTML5. It was crucial for me to reach a wide audience and support mobile devices. So the whole website was designed from the ground up with a responsive approach. The backend is still a MySQL database in conjunction with PHP.


Fascinated by the new Mac Pro and impatient to wait until its release I was wondering if it is possible to build something similar with standard (small form factor) PC components. So with my knowledge in tinkering and building my own workstations I designed a model focusing on CPU power. The render node ended up costing a fraction of the Mac Pro by delivering actually more performance.

With a passion for motorcycles and design I decided to start my own little customizing brand. Planning and sketching mockups in Photoshop I picked a classic Triumph Bonneville T100 and recolored, replaced and rethink a large portion of the bike. The result - a modern café racer with an iconic retro base.

Quickly after launching the all new s-class series the coupe version was due. As a change year update we refined the color scheme of the telematics generation 5 from a warm champagne look to a cool blue-silver theme reflecting the sportiness of our new exterior design language. The car features the same dual 12.3” screen setup as the s-class – now accompanied with a head-up display.


Starting at Mercedes-Benz in 2011 one of my first tasks was to contribute to the new telematics generation - NTG5 - launched together with the all new S-Class. The project covered all aspects from interface and icon design to user experience development and animation design. It also included talks with suppliers and bug testing.


A 48 hours design test that lead to a job offer from Adobe Systems Inc., USA. The task, design an ATM machine interface that is convenient and easy to use. In less than 48 hours I designed the interface, bank cards, created a working ATM demo using flash and presented expanding ideas like an additional iPhone App.

The Oscar Wall is a small poster project. Presenting all Academy Award winners in the category "Best Motion Picture" from the beginning till today and beyond. With an incredible resolution and detail the poster is printed in the A0 format and can be expanded each year by using poster stickers.

A MiniSite for a new lightweight feather design. It presents key aspects of the product with the possibility to download a comprehensive information brochure. Further aspects cover content adjustments like a custom graph design.


This time I really wanted to do “the whole thing”. By thinking about sustainability I built everything on a sophisticated MySQL database. Using PHP technology it allowed me to write an admin control panel to easily add new entries online. While still using Flash for the frontend I was able to easily code a HTML version for mobile and tablet browser using the same database content.

For my final bachelor report I have chosen a subject that interests me on a professional and personal level. DSLR filming - A real game changer in the indy film world, as well as in the film industry. DSLR technology overview, workflow tips, buying guide and a comprehensive do-it-yourself section.

Music video production, poster and Blu-Ray design. CATCH HER EYE from UNPRINTEDs new album ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is a production shot entirely on Canon HD DSLR cameras. Filmed in only three days in Nürnberg, Germany.

A minimalistic design for the University of the Arts Yearbook 2010. Instead of designing a book this design highlights the students work by using single papers. The three main study programs are separated by a cutting system allowing to pull them out separately.

The 3D Gallery App was a course assignment in my last semester. Originally the goal was to basically design an interactive installation, connecting mobile devices with the physical world. On top of that I decided to dive into the Objective-C iPhone programming world without any experience in C++.

A small online portfolio of an ambitious product designer from Germany. I wanted to highlight the work and therefore it is the first thing that pops of directly after entering the page address. Build in HTML only with a simple file management and update system in the back-end.

A whole brochure containing past photos and memories from 25 years of marriage. It was a personal gift for the 25th anniversary of my parents.

An interactive multimedia presentation for the Expo 2010 in Shanghai running on a touchscreen surface. It features informations about study possibilities in Bremerhaven, Germany as well as videos and small animations. Interactions for hand gestures - no mouse or keyboard support.

A small personal project to refresh my SQL and PHP skills. The iBowl website is optimized for the iPhone 4 Retina Display and touch interactions as well. Designed to keep track and update scores with a sleek and intuitive interface it features an admin page and internal mechanisms to calculate player ratings and more.


A pretty quick project on short notice. The Rothfeld Waterkamp agency needed a few ideas for their upcoming redesign. A clean layout and modern style was the result.

The Australia book was a very personal project. To gather all memories about my study abroad, reflect about the work I did there and also a nice gift for my parents. Over 120 pages of pictures and small text notes designed in a professional print product.

The annual report brochure was a pretty interesting project. Reflecting about my own work so far in more than just a few words. It contains a short summary about my roots and also the milestones in my design career as a piece of work for my portfolio course in Australia.

Family Jewels was a project I did while I studied abroad for a semester in Australia. A short but fun music video clip filmed in 720p with a canon HD DSLR camera.

For the Saacke redesign I created a new website layout as well as a print brochure design for the companies future publications. Bringing different sections and fields together in a modern business look.

Bringing the Expo 2010 to Germany - creating an experience as if you would be live in Shanghai. This design study should demonstrate different approaches to build a visual connection between both places.

Creating a full HD documentation with everything attached to it - filming, editing, light, sound ... a pretty huge project. Together with a four students team I produced a 25 minutes movie about the city development in Bremen (Germany) for my bachelor project.

Fresh colors, fun details and a richer user experience. For the fk-wind redesign I wanted to represent the green planet idea. Renewable energy sources are very important and the fk-wind together with the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven supports this with many research fields.

Hero of War is one of my most diverse projects so far. It includes the hole movie making workflow from storyboards, shooting, editing, special effects and everything in Full HD. It also features a fully interactive DVD and a hole website experience. A pretty big challenge for a designer.

The Caterpillar WebTV Project was a design pitch together with the Bauforum24 Corporation. A fresh and modern WebTV Portal for shows, informations and documentations. It is still in development and not yet officially released. Images will be updated as soon as possible.

The GEA Group Redesign was my first project as a freelancer for the Rothfeld Waterkamp Agency in Bremen, Germany. The Goal was to create a modern, clean design with important informations highlighted but also to keep the existing business style and make some compromises.

For the BSAG Redesign I tried to find out what is the most important tool visitors use and how to present it better. Using state of the art technologies like iPhone App Support helps to create a faster user experience without unnecessary informations.

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